Noscrolls is a website for storing CrossFit workout results. The following are some of the features:

Group Support (NEW)

  • Compare and share workout logs with your friends.
  • Trainers: Manage your clients' programming/progress.
  • Read more.

Text messaging support

  • You can store your results before you leave the gym. Read more.

Fast, easy ways to enter results for WODS and named workouts

  • Daily Activity lists the different types of workouts performed by users of this site on a particular date and lets you add them to your own log.
  • Named Workout shows a list of the CrossFit named workouts that you can add.
  • My Named Workouts lists workouts that you have named and lets you add one or view past performance.
  • You can also duplicate workouts in any of the site's workout views.

Easy way to keep up with the performance of people you are interested in like friends or your CrossFit heroes

  • Follow users found in the User List
  • Use the Followed User Activity link to see their workout results.
  • Facebook integration: Publish workouts to your wall and interact with Facebook friends.

Flexible workout framework, so you can enter your own custom workouts

Not everyone does main site WODs. Our workout framework allows you to record all the details of novel workouts as well as detailed information about any scaling you did. Here is a short description of the links in the "add" menu to the right.

  • Time Score lets you build round-based workouts where the score is your total time (similar to Fran or Diane).
  • Rounds Score lets you build round-based workouts where the score is the number of rounds you can do in a fixed amount of time (AMRAP workouts like Cindy).
  • Reps Score lets you build workouts with a fixed time per exercise and the score is your total number of reps (like FGB).
  • Max Weight lets you build max weight workouts like 3-3-3-3-3 back squat.
  • Max Reps lets you build workouts where there is no time limit and score is max reps before failure (like Lynne).
  • Irregular Score for workouts that don't fit into any of the other categories. This template does not have any round-based structure, so if you repeat exercises, you have to enter them all manually. It's more flexible, but takes more work.
  • Tabata Workout lets you build workouts based on the tabata protocol (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest).
  • Ladder lets you build workouts based on one-minute rep ladders.